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Types of Fasteners & Screws We Manufacture

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  • Cold Headed Fasteners
  • High Performance Tri-Roundular Thread Forming Fasteners
  • Fastener: 6 Lobe Recess Drives
  • Fastener: Knurls
  • Fastener: Solid Rivets and Pins
  • Custom Screws | Customized Shoulder Screws
  • Screws with Special Heads
  • Screw: Indented Hex Washer/ Head Flange
  • Screws: Under Head Serrations
  • Screws: Special Threads
  • Fastener: Trim
  • Fastener: Slots
  • Fastener: Shaving, Pointing, Grooving, Drilling

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    •  ISO 9001: 2008 Certified quality system for maximum customer satsifaction.
    •  Complete Bar code labels available on each box per customer request.
    •  A wide range of sizes from #2 (.086") (M2.5) to (1/2") (M12) in diameter and up to 4-1/2" in length, depending on diameter and design.
    •  Application engineering and deisgn assistance. Mid-States Screw Corporation will work with you meet your requirements.
    •  Two-die three-blow cold headers to produce complex shoulder fasteners.
    •  A wide variety of materials, including copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, high allow steel and carbon steels.
    •  In-house secondary operations to keep costs competetive: Roll forming, shaving, drilling, and trimming.
    •  Heat treating, plating, nylon patching and 100% sorting are available for your special needs. We use local, high-quality vendors to keep costs down.

    Click Here to View the Types of Screws We Manufacture

    Contact us today via 1-888-354-6772 (toll free). We at Mid-States Screw Corporation will be happy to assist you.


    Our Competitive Advantage

    Some companies make only small screws. Some make only big screws. We stand out from our competition because we manufacture all types of special & custom screws ranging from very small to very big in the highest quality. 

    We also understand time is important. That is why we react very quickly to all our customer's needs.

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